We will review your project promptly to see if we can be of assistance. If we can’t help you we will do what we can to connect you with other Funds or Private Investors that may.

  1. Our appetite remains very strong for value-add, re-development, conversion, distressed, and re-capitalization strategies for seasoned sponsors seeking a programmatic relationship to expand their portfolio. This includes co-GP, LP, preferred equity, mezzanine, and debt strategies through a long-term capital allocation within the multi-family, retail, office, hospitality, and industrial sectors.

  2. We are selective with ground-up development through co-GP, LP, preferred equity, mezzanine, and debt strategies. We are the most active working with land developers on a programmatic basis backed by existing collateral and have a proven track record in improving land or re-zoning land for residential builders or commercial development. In addition to land, we have been among the most active within the industry working with proven developers within the assisted-living/memory care sector, data centers, student housing, and multi-family sectors, while hospitality is more selective in seeking compelling opportunities for our strategic partners.

  3. Through our community-based small balance debt strategies starting as low as $500,000, we are very effective working with borrowers who are borderline or just short within the underwriting guidelines of the local and regional banks for small balance acquisitions and refinances of solid assets within the multi-family, retail/shopping center, hospitality, office, mixed-use, self-storage, warehouse, industrial, golf course, and selective specialty sectors. These programs will have interest rates that will compete with conventional banks and semi-conventional programs within those gray areas higher than conventional rates, but lower than hard money rates. If a borrower is past a bankruptcy, experienced some setbacks during the banking crisis, has some other nicks from the past, perhaps do not have enough credit tenants to qualify for a CMBS loan, need to refinance a discounted payoff loan, need to close within 30 days, or have other slight challenges that does not qualify at the bank or through CMBS, we can present very attractive alternatives.

  4. We can arrange some of the top bridge terms within the industry as low as 5% with leverage as high as 85% LTC/LTV. We work with borrowers experienced in turning around under-performing commercial estate through bridge-to-stabilization options that include multi-family, mixed-used, hospitality, retail, office, industrial, and warehouse properties. We also work with strong borrowers with stable assets that need to close within 1-2 weeks.

  5. Do you know of anyone that needs a developer that will Fund, and Build to Suit?

    – Retail, Office, Industrial, Restaurants, Franchises, Pizza Shops etc…


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