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High Loan to Value

Private Placement securities funding is a great non-recourse way to finance many types of real estate and non-real estate projects up to 100% LTV in the U.S. and in certain international markets( Caribbean, Costa Rica, Australia, Brazil, Columbia, Dominican Republic and more)

In simple terms, a registered security is created for the sale of bonds or securities (may vary based upon nature of transaction). These are then sold to pre-qualified investors or Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB’s).

The bond funding program offers the following benefits to investors:

– 100% LTV (or LTC for construction projects)
– No personal guarantee
– No asset verification (project only)
– Quick turn around time – often 90 to 120 days.
– (compared with financial institutions timeline of 9 months to 1 year)
– Flexible repayment terms

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Eligible projects include:

– Any stabilized commercial real estate
– Construction or Rehabilitation
– Mining
– Oil & Gas
– Energy Related
– Non-RE such as technology, pharmaceutical, major business acquisition/expansion
– US or International (approved countries only)

​Available: US & select International countries

– Loan Amounts: $5M to $500M +
– Interest Rates: 6.00% – 7.50% (varies based upon underwriting risk)
– Terms: Up to 100% LTV; Fixed rate up to 30-year amortization
– Fees: Borrower must have minimum of $100,000 – $500,000 liquid capital for due diligence expenses depending on loan size.

ALL projects with loan amounts over 80% LTV will require a debt/equity structure. Equity amount varies based upon evaluated underwriting risk, and comes with a 5-year buyout option for sponsor (with a pre-determined formula).

* The 144A bond program is a 1990 SEC rule that facilitates the resale of privately placed securities that are without public SEC registration. The rule was designed to develop a more liquid and efficient institutional resale market for unregistered securities.

Eclipse also structures PPM, Reverse Mergers, and related finance structures under SEC Regulation D, Section 506, and utilizes licensed / registered securities dealer/brokers when and where necessary.