Strategic Capital Plan. Ground Level Capital Partners provides assistance and support to owners of privately held companies in their efforts to monetize, grow, and diversify their business equity. Whether your goal is obtaining seed or start-up capital, continuing to grow your business, or diversifying your net worth by exploring liquidity options, Ground Level Capital Partners has the experience and expertise to guide you through the critical thought process required to achieve the two major goals of fundraising: maximum valuation and minimal time to funding.

In attempting to develop a Strategic Capital Plan, a communication gap or disconnect often occurs between companies seeking access to capital and the investment community. Ground Level Capital Partners bridges that gap by providing third party due diligence and professional, thorough, accurate and compliant documentation for its Clients, allowing the Clients to focus on the management of their businesses as the fundraising process unfolds.

As part of the ongoing process, Ground Level provides strategic business and financial services to position its Clients for scalable and sustainable growth by connecting them to a variety of early stage venture capital funding sources. To that end, Ground Level Capital Partners will create and develop a targeted, customized approach to best suit each Offering or Transaction, including assistance with the presentation and marketing of individualized Business Plans and Private Placement Memoranda to qualified capital sources looking for investment opportunities, including private capital investors for early stage companies, institutional investors for small business, a variety of debt financing sources, and Equity Crowdfunding.

Reality Check. While every entrepreneur must have a certain amount of optimism, most entrepreneurs dream of finding an investor flush with cash who will make an immediate, emotionally-based decision to write a check. Unfortunately, the real world is quite different. Business decisions are made, in part, on emotion, (think: gut-feeling), but smart investing is a process based on a calculated risk. Thus, instead of subjective rationalization, it must involve objective critical analysis, and therefore, instead of simple gut instinct, it will involve data-based decision-making.

This decision-making process involves several important elements for the entrepreneur, as well as, the investor. Ground Level helps to resolve the conflict between emotion and critical thinking by applying a long-term strategic perspective to the “investment” process.

Fund Ready. While planning is often tedious and time consuming, there are critical core fundamentals that must be addressed before entering into the world of fundraising. Simply put, no “new” business succeeds without a detailed and comprehensive Business Plan. Before any checks are issued, investors will evaluate your business based upon certain objective criteria to determine if you are “fund ready,” all of which must be addressed by you and set forth in your Business Plan.

From this objective perspective, readiness can be evaluated through a simple point system: 100 Points = “100% Fund-Ready.” Click on the link below and review the list of thirty (30) items needed to be “fund-ready” and then check your score.